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Main window

The main window of WinPaster, besides the menu and the toolbar, has the following main areas:

List of records. Records can be grouped in folder. The list begins with a special folder *Plugins, containing all installed plugins.

Record properties. The record type, hot keys (if available) and a keystroke (if available) are displayed here.

Record content. In this area is displayed a record value for records of such type as Text, Text link file, Image link file.

Quick search field. Here you can edit an entered string while searching a record by name. The search by name is done only at a current nesting level.

New record dialog window

Description of fields:

Name. It is obligatory to fill out the name of a record. The name of a record must be unique within its folder.

Folder. It is indicated in case a folder is created.

Parent. Allows to select a folder for a new record. Folders in the list have a hierarchical name, separated by the symbol \. Be default, a current folder is selected for a new record. This field must be filled out.

Keystroke. A key string that, when typed, has a record content pasted into an application a user is working with. The string must be unique among all records.

Hot key. To set hot keys for a new record, simply press the necessary combination on a keyboard, using the Ctrl button. If later you will need to cancel the use of a hot key for a given record, press Backspace in this field.

Content. The drop-down list allows to select the type of a record content. The following types are available:
  • Text. A record will have a text value without any formatting.
  • Image.
  • Raw clipboard. This content type is intended for storing complicated data. For example, a formatted text or OLE-objects.
From. Allows to set a data source on pasting (only for the types Text and Image). The possible values are as follows:
  • Database. Data will be stored in the WinPaster database. If you have installed WinPaster on a flash drive, then you can always paste a record content on any computer.
  • External file. Sets an external file as a data source on pasting. This option is useful if a file content gets modified occasionally and you would like to always use the most recent data for pasting.
Content editor. Allows to edit the text content of a record, view an image or the clipboard content. You can also load a record content from clipboard with the help of the Paste button, or from a file, using the button Load from file.


Load at Windows startup. Turns on/off the load of WinPaster at the Windows startup.

Show splash screen. Allows to turn off displaying of a splash screen at the WinPaster loading.

Show icon. Turns on/off the icon display in a tray.

Track keystrokes. Turns on/off the tracking of typing keystrokes.

Collapse tree if inactive more than. Allows to set a time period, after which the records list tree will be collapsed.
Under tab Hot Keys, you can change the combination of keys for invoking the WinPaster main window and for creating a new record. To change the key combination, simply press the necessary combination in a corresponding field.
This tab allows to set the selection of the content type at creating a new record.